Everyone partakes in fashion, whether it be functional or ceremonial. Every person and every culture participates in the art and language of fashion. Because of this massive daily involvement Royal Dissension believes that fashion can be used to bridge misunderstandings and effect global change.

For this reason, all of Royal Dissension’s collections focus on more than fashion, aesthetics and sex appeal. Instead of relying entirely upon modern fashion trends,  the collections of Royal Dissension use cultural and ancient aesthetics to bring history and discussion to issues that impact all of us.

Royal Dissension’s goal is to fashion the mind first and foremost.

Royal Dissension vows to develop the mind through presentation and discussion. Each collection from Royal Dissension focuses on a critical social matter by presenting different components of an argument. Visually recognizing different perspectives of an argument is intended to invoke thought and, most importantly, discussion.  Through connection, each collection of Royal Dissension hopes to educate and empower people to create change and restore balance in an unjust world.