The Priest's Regalia is a full body costume comprised of three different handmade pieces. When you purchase the Priest’s Regalia you will receive all three costume pieces.

  • The Priest’s Religious Crown
  • The Priest’s Collar of Restraint
  • The Priest’s Religious Robes

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The Priest’s Regalia is a one of a kind presentation by Royal Dissension. It covers the head and body in a dramatic and opulent display of restriction and mysticism.

The Priest wears a crown styled after the Pope’s Tiara. The religious style tiara is lightweight and flexible. The Priest’s crown carries a durable golden texture. The headpiece is attached with a comfortable fabric elastic that reaches behind the head.

To accompany the religious tiara headpiece, The Priest wears an opulent black and red speckled floor length robe. The religious robes have a subtle and dark red metallic like sheen to them. The religious robes are made even more mystical with floating hoop silhouette that appears to glide an inch above the ground. The priest does not appear to walk but rather glide across the room. When the Priest desires, the hoop is removable creating a versatile and easily changing robe.  

The Priest keeps a restricted appearance with a golden textured collar brace. But the collar is an illusion. It is lightweight with some flexibility for comfortable. The collar brace is made of two pieces, a front and back. The pieces rest on the Priest’s front and back shoulders and are held together with a red bolt and nut clasp.

This Regalia is exclusive. Once this Regalia has been purchased it will never be duplicated.

To see how it’s made visit the Royal Archives.


Sizing and Custom Sizing

The Priest’s Headpiece is adjustable to fit any adult head size. Neck must be between 15 - 17 inches in order to fit the restraining collar.

The Priest’s Regalia can be adjusted to fit any figure falling between men’s sizes 7 - 9.

Chest: 35 - 38

Waist: 30 - 36

Inseam: 28 - 36

Upon purchasing the Priest’s Regalia you will be contacted by the Royal Advisor/Designer behind Royal Dissension. With the Advisor you’ll be able to personally discuss your specific sizing needs.

Sizing adjustments take about 5 days.


Shipping and Shipping Times

This set of Royal Regalia is complete and ready to ship anywhere in the world. If you are having the costume custom fitted the Royal Advisor/Designer requests that you allow 5 days for quality fit adjustments to be made.

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Policies of Royal Dissension

Before you place your order, please read all of the shop policies and shipping policies posted. Upon purchasing you commit to the terms shared.


Thank You

The Royal Advisor/Designer of Royal Dissension formally Thanks you for your interest and support.

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