The Matriarch’s Regalia is a full body costume comprised of three different handmade pieces. When you purchase the Matriarch’s Regalia you will receive all three costume pieces.

  • The  Matriarch’s Tudor Crown
  • The  Matriarch’s Golden Robes
  • The  Matriarch’s Golden Belt

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The Matriarch’s Regalia is a one of a kind presentation by Royal Dissension. It covers the head and body in a dramatic and opulent display of shimmering gold and red.

The Matriarch wears a modern Tudor style headpiece. It is decorated with industrial fasteners, anodized red. The Matriarch’s golden headpiece is lightweight and easy to wear. Her headpiece is mounted on a wide acrylic hair band.

The Royal Golden Robes of the Matriarch cast a stunning floor length sheen of gold and red. The robe has a full and exaggerated skirt. This long sleeve robe clasps secretly shut in the front at the waist point and under the bust. The exaggerated bell sleeves are lined in black and can be worn down or folded back as desired.

This Regalia is exclusive. Once this Regalia has been purchased it will never be duplicated.

To see how it’s made visit the Royal Archives.


Sizing and Custom Sizing

The Matriarch’s Tudor style headpiece requires no fitting. It is mounted on a hair band and will fit any adult head size.

The Matriarch’s Regalia is set in size and cannot be adjusted. In order to wear this Regalia at it’s best it is recommended you fall within these general measurements…

Average Dress Size: 3 - 4

Bust: 28 - 32 inches

Waist: 22 - 27 inches

Hips: 33 - 36 inches

Height: 5 - 5,8 feet

If you have any questions on the fit of this Regalia please don’t hesitate to contact the Royal Advisor/Designer behind Royal Dissension. With the Advisor you’ll be able to personally discuss your specific sizing needs.

Sizing adjustments take about 5 days.


Shipping and Shipping Times

This set of Royal Regalia is complete and ready to ship anywhere in the world. If you are having the costume custom fitted the Royal Advisor/Designer requests that you allow 5 days for quality fit adjustments to be made.

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Policies of Royal Dissension

Before you place your order, please read all of the shop policies and shipping policies posted. Upon purchasing you commit to the terms shared.


Thank You

The Royal Advisor/Designer of Royal Dissension formally Thanks you for your interest and support.

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