The Jester




Chris Champagne


Sam Kaczur

Make up & Hair Styling

Angie Balbon

Erin Geer

Daryl Burton

Jennifer Mathison


Sometimes we have to laugh at the absurdity of the situation in order not to cry.
— Time Wise
The absurd is born of the confrontation between the human call and the unreasonable silence of the world.
— Albert Camus

The Royal Archives


The Jester's Regalia 


The Jester’s Regalia is a full body costume comprised of two different handmade pieces. When you purchase the Jester’s Regalia you will receive both costume pieces.

  • The Jester’s Punishment Collar

  • The Jester’s Tights of Gold


To fit this costume you will need to fall on or between men’s boxer size small to medium.

If you have any further questions about sizing please contact the Royal Advisor/Designer behind Royal Dissension.

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The Jester's Relics

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