Royal Dissension is the branded presentation of a designer seeking to reclaim the importance and value of costume. Until recent history, costume has been revered and at times considered sacred. In our past, costume was both used and seen as a powerful form of communication.  Royal Dissension would see the art of costume revived and integrated with the development of social experimentation and research in social sciences.

It has recently been documented that the body can clearly change the chemistry of the brain. This chemical change occurs in less than two minutes when the body is placed in certain physical positions we culturally associate with power. When we embody these physical characteristics of power our brains naturally follow into perspectives of power. Success is often achieved from these personal places of empowerment.

Royal Dissension is about following and developing this scientific research to the fullest artistic extent and expression. If the chemistry of the mind is so easily adjusted with a physical power position, is it not also possible that a costume can empower and change the mind? Your body language and presentation shape your identity.

Due to its roots in fashion and functionality, costume is instinctively understood by all regardless of voluntary participation or proclaimed non-participation. Costume is a pure form of human communication not restricted by our basic differences of language, belief or even culture. In all places of the world, whether through accessory, law or ritual, it is also a mandatory form of communication.

Royal Dissension knows that this universal language is easy to manipulate and under the correct manipulator it can be used to construct bridges of understanding, restoring balance to an unjust world.

Specifically, Royal Dissension believes an individual’s personal connection to social issues is the most effective way to harbor change. Therefore, Royal Dissension uses powerful symbols from ancient cultures, minorities and religions to communicate on an instinctive and personalized level.

Through personal and personified connection, each collection of Royal Dissension hopes to educate and empower people to create change and welcome in new perspectives.