Royal Dissension seeks a reclamation. A total recall of fashion concepts and a harrowing of current understandings.  Royal Dissension intends to restore respect, control and power to an ancient form of communication: costume.

Royal Dissension is a bespoke costume and concept designer that wields the influence of fashion, visual art and creative writing to build concepts and raise awareness. Within each collection, Royal Dissension presents a visual argument addressing difficult social issues. The collections of Royal Dissension present a balanced look at unsolved problems by providing different perspectives. These perspectives are presented in full through historical quotes, opulent visuals and the creation of fantastical alternate worlds.

Royal Dissension practices using symbols and characteristics of oppression within the contrast of opulence. Elite Silhouettes and tribal regalia are applied in the presentation of each argument while traditions are rewritten casting aside common gender roles. This careful and tasteful chemistry of reference and application allows the presentation of new perspectives to be illuminated, seen and experienced.

Royal Dissension believes that fashion and costume are effective tools to instigate change -- personal and global. Through this universal yet personal language, everyone can be inspired and awakened into action.