The Laws

Laws of Purchase

When you purchase from Royal Dissension you are automatically made a Royal Subject. The subjects of Royal Dissension are rewarded for their loyalty with valuable gifts, opportunities, exclusive content and more.

Royal Dissension treats every purchase like a sworn oath. For this reason, each purchase is treated with utmost respect.  In return, Royal Dissension provides stunning costumes accompanied with state of the art Canadian customer service.

The Royal Advisor/Designer of Royal Dissension, personally oversees every aspect of every transaction. As soon as your payment clears you will be contacted personally by the Royal Advisor to confirm and personalize the details of your order.

Ordering from Royal Dissension is an elegant and simple process. Most methods of payment are available, including e-transfers and layaway.

Here at Royal Dissension, the Advisor packs, ships and tracks your parcel personally. As your parcel arrives in your area you will receive a personal update from the Advisor letting you know your item will be arriving shortly.

All items are shipped and presented in an artisanal style. Further, elaborate gift wrapping is available for free upon your request.

Royal Dissension is a Canadian company.

Discover a full list of Shipping Laws here.

Please read the policies for further details.

If you have any questions, please contact the Royal Advisor.



Terms of Use

Royal Dissension ships all pieces out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Royal Dissension ships anywhere in the world. All shipping charges, taxes, fees and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Once the Royal Advisor has cleared and confirmed your payment your order will be processed and shipped within 2 business days. Payments usually take  4 -12  hours to be confirmed. Orders that require custom fit adjustments will require a least 3 additional days for fitting time.

Royal Dissension reserves the right to refuse service or sales to any persons or company at any time.

Royal Dissension reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, upon providing the buyer with a full refund. Deposits are exempt from refunds - see below.

Ultimately, Royal Dissension will determine the repair status and designer accountability of any damages occurring.


Honest and Fair Shipping

All deliveries are fully tracked and insured against loss and damage. Should an item ever be lost in the mail, the buyer is fully refunded the cost of the item, all fees and all taxes.

Royal Dissension stands by their shipping practices at all times. Each item is carefully gift packed and shipped with care. Each item is also insured against loss or damage.  All deliveries are personally tracked by Royal Dissension until they are signed for at their destination. Once an item is signed for at your address, Royal Dissension releases responsibility of the parcel to you.

Royal Dissension declares all packages legally and fully. There will be no exceptions to this core business value. Thank you for respecting the morality of these business practices.

The average delivery time to Canada or to the United States is 4 business days. Average shipping time to France and United Kingdom is about 7 business days. Shipments to Japan and Australia average about 10 business days. Shipping can be upgraded to express shipping at the owner’s expense. These are average shipping times. If you have any special needs please contact the Royal Advisor, almost anything is possible.


Please understand that Royal Dissension cannot be held responsible for delays caused by customs. Even Royalty has no control over what customs decides to inspect. Should customs delay the parcel for inspection, Royal Dissension does not offer refunds to compensate for this. Customs and security is a responsibility we all share equally and are all impacted by from time to time.



Deposits on wearable art, layaway and special orders are non refundable.

Special Orders are not refundable.

Shipping costs are non refundable.

Duties and Taxes are non-refundable.

Items returned to the seller are non refundable. Please note that if needed, items will be sent a second time. Additional shipping expenses will be charged to the purchaser.

Items not accepted or not picked up by the seller are non refundable. Please note that if needed, items will be sent a second time. Additional shipping expenses will be charged to the purchaser.

Any other refunds and returns will be handled on an individual basis. Please contact The Royal Advisor for consideration. 

Royal Dissension stands by the quality of art they provide as well as the safety of their shipping practices. Should your item arrive with visible damages to the box please photograph the box before opening it and do not discard the box. If the item inside is damaged please take some photographs of the damage and contact The Royal Advisor immediately.

Satisfaction and loyalty is of utmost importance to Royal Dissension.  If you are not happy with something, please contact The Royal Advisor.  They will do everything in their power to correct the situation. 


Payments and Cancellations

Items will be shipped after payments have fully cleared. Royal Dissension accepts paypal, visa, mastercard, american express and etsy gift cards

Due to a quick shipping schedule, cancellations of purchases cannot be considered more than 48 hours after initial purchase.

Extra fees occurring at borders are the buyer’s responsibility.


Layaway Plans

Layaway is available upon request. Deposit is 20% of the retail cost. Deposits on Layaway plans are non-refundable.

Royal Dissension is happy to offer a layaway plan on any Royal Regalia purchase. In order to reserve a layaway plan, you will be asked to deposit 20% of the total value. Deposits are non refundable. You will be asked to sign a formal layaway agreement plan.

Once a deposit has been made you will have 6 months to complete your layaway plan. If you are unable to complete your layaway plan, you will be refunded your money with the exception of the deposit. Layaway plans are not yet available for special orders.

If you wish to start a layaway plan on Royal Regalia please contact The Royal Advisor.

We apologize, Royal Dissension does not offer layaway plans on Royal Relics.


Privacy Policy

Royal Dissension pledges to safeguard your information and keep it private. Royal Dissension practices utmost privacy and secrecy. Under no circumstances will any of your information be shared with any other business or person.

Upon purchasing from Royal Dissension you are required to share only basic information needed for billing and shipping.