In a world, destroyed by years of revolution, the Elite had been overthrown by the oppressed. Now, the cycle of worship has come full circle. Idol worship has made its comeback...

The Royal Gallery


Ritual Industry is the debut collection from Royal Dissension. The collection is inspired by and discusses the social concerns of Heavy Industry and Privilege. Its past effect, current impact and future.

Ritual Industry provides an immersive experience that leads you through a visionary post-apocalyptic world struggling within the death of heavy industry. The result of the apocalypse is the complete restoration of ritual. The glorification of what was lost conflicts with the desperate, war-inspired need for change.


Individual Perspectives

Messenger  -  Matriarch  -  Scribe  -  Priest  -  Princess  -  Knight  -  Jester  -  Diplomat  -  Queen  -  Slave  -   Reckoner  -  Advisor's Notes