The Knight




Thilo Thompson


Sam Kaczur

Make up & Hair Styling

Daryl Burton

Jennifer Mathison


Tell me what is right and I will fight for it.
— Woodrow Wilson
I do what I do because it is the right thing. I am a warrior.
— Paul Watson

The Royal Archives


The Knight's Regalia 


The Knight’s Regalia is SOLD OUT. Please see the Knight’s RELICS.

The Knight’s Regalia is a full body costume comprised of four different handmade pieces. When you purchase the Knight’s Regalia you will receive all four costume components.

  • The Knight’s Saw Blade Mohawk
  • The Knight’s Bladed Shoulders and Chest Armor
  • The Knight’s Bladed Bracers
  • The Knight’s War Kilt

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The Knight's Relics

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