The Royal Advisor / Designer


The artist behind Royal Dissension is called The Royal Advisor. The Advisor of Royal Dissension sculpts each and every piece by hand. Even though each piece is fashioned by them personally, the Advisor is unable to take credit or glory in the beauty of Royal Dissension’s art.

The Advisor believes that all artistic inspiration is a message gifted from something beyond comprehension. No concept can truly be original as ideas and creativity never truly die -- they are simply recycled out of a vast timeless collection of consciousness. The Advisor refers to this vast collection and governing spiritual presence as The Collective.

After a decade of successful art endeavours, The Advisor has come to fully understand that their role is to serve as a vessel. The vessel has one purpose and that is to act as a conduit between the Collective’s intentions and today’s reality. With humility and without ego, the Advisor tries to listen, receive and obey.

The Advisor believes that every artist withdraws and contributes a specialized set of skills and unique experiences from the Collective. Most often, the Advisor and Collective converse in tribal and ethnic fashions, whether in garb, accessories or body paint. In this language the message is heard, an understanding is reached and the Advisor is made useful.

The Collective is vast, expanding all of time. From the presence of The Collective comes an exponential flow of ideas. A new purpose and inspiration is found in each project. The vast Collective allows for each and every concept to be fueled and inspired by a different personality and sometimes from a completely different world. The variety is beyond comprehension.

The Advisor believes that taking credit for these concepts would be blasphemous, dishonest and disrespectful. To claim credit would be the end of a sacred relationship.  This ritualized belief of the Collective and its design process dictates that the Advisor remain unnamed.

This anonymity and practiced absence of ego allows the Advisor to conduct honest, uncontaminated research that results in raw and powerful imagery.  Within partial anonymity, the Advisor is most gifted.